The 3-Day Novel Contest

My Last Mistake of the Summer

Unlike most people, I don’t think of camping, or big parties, when I think of Labour Day weekend. I think of a masochistic event that has called to me unsuccessfully for several years: the 3-Day Novel Contest.

It’s pure, wondrous insanity: you have the entire 3 days of the long weekend to write a complete novel. You can start out with an outline, but the actual writing must take place from Day 1 12:01am to Day 3 11:59pm (this year, that’s September 3 to 5). In the past, I’ve always seemed to have something else to do, and this year, starting teaching new subjects at a new school on September 6, I surely have more to do than I can handle.

All the more reason to sign up! I sent my registration in today, and I’ll try to post some updates as the weekend progresses.

In keeping with the contest’s survival guide, I will not be answering phone calls, socializing with friends, etc. over the weekend. There is one small exception: if you are willing to deliver food, you’re welcome. For five minutes.

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