The Making of a Morning Person (Day 6)

Blurring the Lines

First of all, thanks to my cousin-in-law Curtis, for the phone call at 5:23am yesterday. It’s great to have your support, even it is two hours later in your time zone. And despite your skeptical message, I was awake, but my phone was by the door with the ringer off.

So there.

But on that note, thanks to everyone for all the calls and emails of support and mockery. I had no idea so many people actually visited me here.

Strange news to report today. I was indeed up at 5am, but the problem was that I never actually went to bed. So I can’t fairly claim to have gotten up, to have risen early.

I got playing with a bunch of dorky new features for the web site, which will appear in the next few days. My apologies if you experience any weirdness in the meanwhile; I’m working to try to keep all the links functional, and in the end, the page addresses will make a lot more sense.

Mod_rewrite is my friend. (I know, never mind what that means. Just shake your head at me.)

I think I’ll go try a nap. Sun’s coming up.


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