The Making of a Morning Person (Day 5)

Friends Screw Everything Up

Had another minor setback today. My friend, whose house I helped paint the other night, was driven from his home by the paint fumes that resulted when the professional painters did their thing yesterday. “You shouldn’t sleep here tonight,” they told him, as they removed their industrial masks and left. He begged to come over and sleep on my couch, and bought dinner and brought Undercover Brother as recompense. Solid.

This morning, I popped out of bed when the alarm went off (I’m not prewaking yet or anything), but instead of wandering out into the hall and doing my normal thing, I got back into bed and stared at the ceiling. I recognized that this was partially consideration for the fact that my friend wasn’t going to wake up for at least another 2 hours, but mostly it was an excuse to stay in the warm bed. The strange thing was that I didn’t fall back asleep. I just lay there, thinking thoughts, and not drifting off. After about an hour of this, I did eventually trip into a short dream, but I woke up moments later, feeling like I’d been asleep for hours. Cool.

When I finally started the day, it was 6:30am. Still pretty darn early for me when I’m on vacation. This early riser thing is starting to feel inevitable.


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