Only Computers Can Fark Up This Quickly

Good Thing I'm Rising Early

So I finally had every song in my 4000+ collection stamped with album art. It took many, many hours, but it was very satisfying having the album cover pop up whenever the songs changed. Very cool.

One problem is that the beats-per-minute information had been lost when my last hard drive crashed (and I had to re-import all my songs… joy), and I have several playlists that rely on the BPM information. For example, I have a playlist with only fast songs (BPM over 180, for example), and another for slow songs (BPM below 100). I had previously used a free program called Mixmeister BPM analyzer to get this done automagically.

Ed’s Note: Notice that he didn’t include a link to that software program. Hm… I wonder why? Maybe he’ll tell us.

So I run the program, and while it’s happily scanning and updating my enormous music library, I notice that some songs are suddenly appearing without their album art.

Ed’s Note: Uh-oh.

Turns out that the software mangles the tags of almost all of the songs it updates. Specifically, it strips the album art, so all my work over the last two days was completely wasted. The Mixmeister site has no mention of this bug, nor do any of the download sites. I did find a forum where someone posted a similar complaint.

Buyer beware: you get what you pay for. I am shakingly furious. I’m just not sure at whom.

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