The Making of a Morning Person (Day 4)

Back in the Sadd... Sa... zzzzz...

I’m learning a valuable lesson. When I woke up, I was thinking about what I was going to write this morning. It was going to start with something like, “so… tired…” but as it turns out, as long as I can stay awake for the first 30 minutes, I feel pretty darned good for somebody who hates… hated?… the morning.

I also realize that my posts are incorrectly titled, as they suggest that I’ll be writing about the day, when in reality I’m talking about the previous day…

Was I this anal when I got up later?

Yesterday, after a late start, I went over to my friend Steve’s house to help him paint. Understand that I am a horrible painter; if there are paint stains on your ceiling, you remember how bad a helper I was. Arguably if a bit of touch-up work doesn’t phase you, I am better than no helper at all (which is to say, it is an arguable point).

It was a good afternoon: we painted two bedrooms, watched some poker and stand-up comedy on his frickin’ enormous TV, and I got fed twice.

As a bonus, during dinner the cute comic from last night called me back. We’re going out Wednesday night (Mom, don’t call to ask how it went).

One merciful detail is that I got home at 10pm, which meant that I could have gotten a reasonable amount of sleep. I say “could have,” because I wasn’t instantly tired, so instead of going to bed right away, I stayed up until 2am pasting album art into iTunes.

Ed’s Note: Brilliant. He’s never even at his computer to see the artwork when he listens to music.

This morning I got up to my alarm at 5am, feeling slightly foggy but not tired. I had several strange dreams, one of which involved me picking up garbage from the parking lot behind my apartment.

If nothing else, this experiment is making me starkly aware of my dreams. A few months ago, I read a bit about lucid dreaming (where you become aware you are dreaming during the dream). I’ve experienced this before, but haven’t had a lucid dream in months. In fact, it has been a long time (not counting this last few days) since I’ve even remembered a dream. But I guess it makes sense that engaging so invasively in my sleep cycle should somehow get tangled up in the dreaming process.

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