The Making of a Morning Person (Day 9)

I'm Not Learning

So it’s 2:37am and I’m heading to bed, again thinking I’ll be up at 5am. I think this is going to be really challenging until something (like, say, my job) forces me to get up in the morning. Because currently, I’m enjoying being up late way too much.

This afternoon I did a bunch of laundry, cleaned the bathroom,

Ed’s Note: Even behind the toilet. Dear Christ.

and then for dinner I made a nice big chicken pasta dish, with broccoli

Ed’s Note: Did you hear that Josh’s Mom? BROCCOLI!

and even cleaned up all the dishes afterwards.

I followed that with another round of hardcore geeking. I’ve reinstated the ability to email posts (I call it the “Send2Friend” feature), and you’ll see the link at the bottom of each of the posts. This seems to be popular (my server records show that I’ve had almost 100 emails sent out!), so I wanted it back in before the weekend.

And I’m only 2 hours and 47 minutes late. Nighty-night.


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