VanCity is my second favourite Credit Union

After the brouhaha at the Bank of Montreal yesterday, I needed to find a new place to make cash withdrawals. After some poking around on the web, I discovered that VanCity Credit Union (CU) has some ATMs nearby, and I thought I’d give them a shot.

I found two ATMs about the same distance from my apartment as the evil, evil, stinky-pants Bank of Montreal. After a short walk, I determined that the supposed location of the first ATM is a large open construction pit, and the other, if it exists at all, is somewhere in the Telus office tower behind a plexiglassed security counter where burly men check your ID badge.

Well that was frustrating.

A call to VanCity (after hours, too) was quickly answered by a pleasant woman who didn’t make fun of my difficulty in finding their ATMs. She understood my frustration about the convenience fees, and agreed that it was a problem that their website listed ATMs that didn’t exist. She said she would contact the person in charge and have it fixed.

That was good enough, actually, as far as customer service goes: Our list is wrong? You had to hike around town looking for imaginary ATMs? Wow, our bad. Sorry about that. We’ll fix it right away.

But she went further. To avoid the convenience fees, she said, I could use any bank machine in town that had the Exchange logo on it. In fact, there was an HSBC branch nearby that should work fine. Wow. Pleasant phone manner, good listener, problem solver. Almost enough to make me think about cheating on my own CU.

The HSBC is five blocks further than the Bank of Montreal, but I’d rather walk than give those BMO cretons a cent of my money.

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