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Twitter is Dead. Facebook is in Custody.

Twitter is awesome. But that may not be enough for it to survive.

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Facebook Fast Fame Fiasco

The last seven days was a crash course in how the news operates. Apparently, if you can string together four words, and you happen to be peripherally within the scope of the news flavour of the week, you can get yer mug splashed across the media of your choice.

Here are the links to my interviews in the Globe and Mail (and the follow up discussion forum), on CTV National News, and on CBC Radio One (it’s the third audio clip).

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A Slow News Day: My Lent Facebook Fast Gets Press

If you got here from the Globe and Mail story, welcome! You can read all the posts related to my Facebook fast, and feel free to leave comments of encouragement or mockery.

Make yourself at home and poke around: I write about popular culture, finances, science and technology, arts, music and literature, health and nutrition, education and philosophy, family relationships and religious traditions, and occasionally indulge in poetry, purple prose, and persuasive rants and how to articles.

Settle in. Stay a while. Pass along your comments, questions and ideas.

And if you’re a regular visitor… hey Mom, I’m in the Globe and Mail!

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