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How to Cancel Your Vonage Service

As I mentioned yesterday, I cancelled my Vonage VOIP account. What I didn’t mention is that I was an impatient jerk when I did it. I have been reading too much about corporate “retention” programs on the internet, and it made me jumpy.

(If you have a doozy of a customer service story, please add it to the comments!)

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Why You Should Skype, Not Vonage

I cancelled my Vonage account today. Vonage is a “Voice over IP” (VOIP) company that lets you use your high speed internet connection, with their specialized equipment, to make phone calls. Slick setup, reasonable quality, and great value. For $20 a month, I got 500 minutes anywhere in North America, with all those fun voicemail, call waiting, conferencing doohickeys thrown in. But then I tried Skype.

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