Crazy Thieving Squirrel

This is why I don't go camping.

Can you find the squirrel?I recently went on a camping trip with some friends, ostensibly to celebrate the fact that many of them had upcoming birthdays. I’m not a big camper, but it seemed like a good cause, and they are my friends after all, and there was a promise of cake.

Then nature intervened.

While most of the group were off riding their mountain bikes,

Ed’s Note: Something which was later recounted as a Bataan Death March on wheels.

I sat in a hammock and fell asleep reading a book. I was awoken by a “thunk” sound, and discovered a small squirrel

Ed’s Note: Josh would call this a chipmunk, but others argued it was a squirrel. Later an even smaller creature arrived, and was offered up as a chipmunk. Josh argued that smaller creatures are often called “babies,” making this a baby chipmunk. He was then denied Smores.

trying to abscond with a delicious, organic apple.

Ed’s Note: Not brought by Josh.

I took the only action possible: I filmed the whole thing with my digital camera.

You can watch the varmint get away with it here.

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