High School Volleyball Boys Still Stupid

Geography a Major Weakness

So I’ve just finished selecting my volleyball team for the season. They seem like a great bunch of kids, and if our early games are any indication, we should have an amazing season. In particular, at a tournament over the weekend, they came back from a 24-10 deficit to win 27-25 against one of the strongest teams in our league. That included 15 straight points to go up 25-24 at one point.

Unfortunately, during the “pressure serving” drill I use to help them improve their serving consistency, their answers to questions were no better than those of last year’s team. My favourite exchange was to the question, “What’s the capital of Quebec?”

The answer? “Whitehorn.” Whitehorn is an area of town near our school.

Ed’s Note: The area of town is an immigrant ghetto, which Josh didn’t know until he learned that some Calgarians refer to it as “Brownhorn.”

Perhaps the student was thinking “Whitehorse?” But it got better. After executing a successful serve (which was the point), the kid ran to retrieve his ball. On the way back, he literally slapped his forehead and said, “Ah crap! It’s New Brunswick!”

Mmm. Not so clever, but hey: 9 aces for him in the tournament.

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