I’m Going to Hell For Laughing at This

I just started laughing, remembering something I saw on “World’s Funniest Home Videos” the other day. The setting is a casual house party full of thirty-somethings. The guy with the video camera had zoomed up so that this one couple fills the frame. The guy is sitting to her left, eating peanuts. The girl is talking to somebody else, on her right. When the guy sees the camera zoom in, he smiles mischievously and stuffs a peanut into his nose.

This is funny enough. It gets better.

He removes the peanut, and offers it to his girlfriend, who moves her head just enough to gobble it up, without becoming distracted from her conversation.

The guy behind the camera is trying not to burst out laughing, but the camera is shaking. The guy on the couch proceeds to feed his girlfriend a half-dozen or so snotnuts.

Priceless. I will laugh about that until I’m a hundred.

In a perfect world, I would find a mate who, when she discovered I had pulled a prank like that at her expense, would chase me around the house and pummel me, then we’d both collapse in a fit of laughter once she’d settled down and seen the humour of it all. And then she’d begin plotting something even worse for me…

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