iTunes Without the iPod

I’ve just found my new favourite thing: Apple iTunes software. And no, I don’t own an Apple computer (yet). Neither do I own an iPod, which makes iTunes useless as a music transfer mechanism for my aging MP3 player (the famous and foreign MPIO DMG which I imported from Korea in 2002 for over $400). However, there is still good reason for users everywhere to download iTunes: the free radio stations!

In particular, iTunes offers three reasonably good 24-hour comedy stations, which is exactly what I have not been able to find on any other streaming radio players. Now I can listen to a variety of comedy whenever I want, as background when I’m cooking, cleaning (or not), or otherwise in need of auditory entertainment. And once I get my AirportExpress, I’ll be able to listen to it through my living room stereo, leaving my computer in the office. Sweeeeet.

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