Rating My iTunes Library: 5120 Songs Later

I'm Seeing Stars... nyuck, nyuck, nyuck...

Obsessive-compulsives and Type-A freaks unite! Using a combination of geeky iTunes techniques and a dedication to only acquire music legally,

Ed’s Note: Don’t worry, he still pirates video.

I have finally assigned a ranking from one to five stars for every single track in my collection. 5120 songs. Yep. All done.

Why would I do such a silly thing, you ask? Well, like many of you, I started collecting music when you had to buy the whole CD. So when I ripped them to my computer, I ended up with a lot of crap songs that the record companies required of the bands in order to fulfill their 10-song per album contract obligation. I don’t like listening to crap songs, and I don’t like having to carry a remote around with me to skip over these crap songs. By giving every song a rating, I can create a smart playlist that only plays the songs that have a high rating, which means that every time a new song plays, I go, “man, I love this song!”

It’s like my own personal JACK FM, but without the useless DJs and advertisements.

The only problem is that I started this process back when I thought the world was a much more static place. It’s taken me literally years to get my catalog rated,

Ed’s Note: And his hard drive will crash tonight. Watch.

and songs I rated highly in 2001 are no longer my favourites. Seems this will be more of a “journey” than a “destination” kind of thing.

Speaking of “Journey,” there are four of their songs in my list. Don’t stop believin’.


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