Time to Move On

Going through all my crap today. Packing up everything that I can’t throw away, and throwing away everything that I haven’t used or looked for in the five years I’ve been here.

Found an old watch given to me by Kim, an ex from long-ago Toronto. It was a Kenneth Cole, and the only piece of designer clothing/jewellery I’d every owned. Eventually I dropped it and the glass cracked and the steel piece that held the chain to the watchface snapped off.

I don’t know why I kept it. Well, that’s not entirely true. Kim is a great girl, and we didn’t work out but it puts a smile on my face to think about her from time to time (no pun intended). She’s married, living on a farm in Ontario with her husband, a bunch of animals and her little boy.

Still, I put the watch in the trash. Time to move on.

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