My Mommy Rocks

Trading Spaces meets Naked Chef

My mom just a finished a week-long visit with me. The thing about moms, and my mom in particular, is the staggering amount of work they can accomplish for their offspring. In seven days, my mother filled my fridge with healthy food and left me several simple recipes, redecorated my apartment so that now it looks like a cool, adult pad instead of a storage space for the homeless, and forced me to finally take out the recycling.

Ed’s Note: You’d have to understand how much recycling Josh had accumulated, and what a clown show the Calgary recycling process is, to appreciate the enormity of this.

Besides that, we had a great trip to Millarville Market,

Ed’s Note: He bought a planter full of herbs. Herbs.

watched the Chuckwagon races and Grandstand show at the Calgary Stampede, and played more Scrabble in 6 days than I have in the last decade of my life.

Ed’s Note: That’s a good thing. Josh likes to spell.

Unfortunately, I have no photos to share as my camera battery charger is missing in action, rendering my expensive digital tool entirely useless.

Anyway, it was a great visit and I encourage you all to make sure to visit your family soon, or at least call and say hi. Love ya mom!

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